The cloud doesn't have to suck.

Build your own cloud computer, connect your favorite services, and access it anywhere.


Your virtual laptop

Install, develop, and share applications on our Stardust platform. Stop concerning yourself with syncing everything between your devices—now you can install an app while on your desktop and launch it on your mobile device, no questions asked. Your personal system is always available, and all you need to be productive is a modern web browser.


Social, if you want

Share a public link to access your applications. Collaborate on a common workspace with friends. Flexible sharing settings include simple password protection for internal sites. Or don't do any of that and keep your stuff securely to yourself. Your call.


Built for developers

Modern cloud applications are built for consumers. You probably use dozens of entirely different walled-garden cloud services every day. Each application makes different assumptions, has different behaviors, and seemingly none of them have enough user preferences. Our Stardust platform puts users first and brings everything into one consistent system.